Elena Marakhovska in Mandello del Lario.


This year, the MotoGuzzi festival in Mandello del Lario broke all records! 60,000 motorcyclists from all over the world came together and had a great time!
The MG plant organized everything perfectly, down to the details. Many museums, exhibitions, photo and picture galleries, a fair, a test drive, concerts, food... and of course new MG models)/
This is my third time in Mandello, and the second time at the MG factory itself, and every time I feel like I fall into a fairy tale: the beautiful Lake Como, the majestic Alps, hospitable people, the touching architecture of the city and the Spirit of the Factory in every street and shop.
With each visit, the circle of our friends among MG connoisseurs increases. Just imagine the Energy - from a thousand people in one small town, who respect each other, are polite, caring, open, emotional, ... interesting to talk to ... all words will not convey the Guzzi spirit that I felt in Mandello)
Leaving the city, I'm already dreaming about the next trip in 2023, I'm seriously "sick" of this holiday)
My friends and I heard "Glory to Ukraine" many times, every day) it gave us confidence that we are safe) it was so nice to receive support from absolutely everyone.
And they also overflow with feelings from the fact that she met with many of her friends, with whom she talked for a long time on the topics of MotoGuzzi and the war in Ukraine)
Hipster Pgr finally met! thank you for the gifts and delicious dinner, for good company, it is unforgettable
Andy Gelniczky it was very interesting to discuss the topic of war) thank you for your support and for the gift, which we used very nicely in the Czech Republic)
Jana Erdela Víchová gave us the opportunity to spend 2 nights in Prague, thanks to you we were able to enjoy the city)
Bruno Tirelli I'm sorry I didn't make it to the meeting you invited us to, anyway, a short meeting and getting to know you brought a lot of positivity to my life)
   Claudio Battisti, Csimbók Imre, Jiří Riant and everyone else with whom I managed to communicate, I was glad to see you all!
We invite you all to Ukraine after the Victory! We have beautiful cities, hospitable and friendly people, beautiful nature. The motorcycle festival "Tarasova Gora", the most famous in Ukraine and beyond, also invites you!
I am already at home, there is a war in Ukraine, a curfew, Ukrainian military aviation is in the sky, today at work we received a message that women are starting to be put on the military register. But the memories of these 2 weeks of vacation will inspire me for the whole next year. See you in Mandello?


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