1. General terms

1.1. The Internet store is managed by sole trader Arushanov A., in accordance with the Law of Ukraine and the Law "On the Protection of Consumer Rights".
1.2. Terms
Internet Store - means of electronic commerce, the main purpose of which is the sale of goods, works or services through the execution of an electronic agreement.
Electronic agreement  – conscious action of a person, with the aim of acquiring civil rights and obligations, made using information and telecommunication systems;
Seller is a person who consults in the selection of the necessary product in the online store.
Registration  is the transfer of personal data of the Buyer in a special form, which is provided by the online store.
Basket  - a list of products from the online store catalog that the Buyer intends to purchase. The functionality of the Shopping Cart provides for the possibility of making changes to the Order.
Order is an appropriately prepared request of the Buyer, which contains a list of goods from the catalog of the online store, which is a conscious purchase decision.
Invoice is an official document that forms the online store and sends to the Buyer. The invoice confirms that the order has been accepted by the online store, determines the cost of the order, and is the basis for payment.
Agreement - an agreement between the consumer and the seller about the price, delivery terms, delivery method, guarantees and other conditions under which the products are sold. The end of the agreement is confirmed by an invoice or other settlement document.
2. Acceptance of orders 

2.1. The online store accepts orders 24 hours a day, every day.
Processing of orders and product consultations - every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
2.2. Orders placed after 5:00 p.m. are processed the next business day from 9:00 a.m.
2.3. The Order is sent to the Buyer no later than 3 days after the confirmation of the Order.
2.4. You can make changes to the Order that has not yet been transferred to the transport company (the B/L has not been written out) (replace the color, size, model). 

3. Legislative framework

Relations between the Buyer and the online store are carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, namely:
Law No. 1023 - Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights of consumers" dated 12.05.91 No. 1023-XII.
Law No. 2297 - Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data" dated 01.06.2010 No. 2297-VI.
Law No. 675 - Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce" dated September 3, 2015 No. 675-VIII.
Law No. 852 - Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Digital Signature" dated May 22, 2003 No. 852-IV.
Law No. 2346 – Law of Ukraine "On Payment Systems and Fund Transfers in Ukraine" dated 04/05/2001 No. 2346-III.

4. Rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller

4.1. Product selection
4.1.1.   The buyer has the right to:
Receive comprehensive information about the product from the Seller-consultant. Get comprehensive answers to questions about the product. Get an understanding of advantages, disadvantages and make your own decision.
4.1.2. The Buyer is obliged to:
Give the Seller-consultant the most accurate information about the necessary requirements for the product in order to provide objective consulting.
In case of reporting inaccurate and erroneous data to the Seller-consultant, the Buyer bears all property responsibility, which may arise in the process of buying and selling goods.
4.1.3 The seller-consultant has the right to:
Receive from the Buyer the most accurate information about weight, height, other essential features of the selection necessary for objective counseling.
In case of receiving inaccurate and erroneous data from the Buyer himself, the Seller-Consultant is not responsible for the possible negative consequences of the purchase of goods that do not meet his requests.
4.1.4. The seller-consultant is obliged to provide the most accurate and objective advice:
about the range of products of the online store;
about the features of the product chosen by the Buyer;
about the conformity of the selected product with subjective requirements ( information about the features reported by &nbsp ;

4.2. Placing an order
4.2.1. The Order is placed by the Buyer completing the Registration in the Online Store and placing the Order using the Shopping Cart functions. Phone orders are not accepted.  
4.2.2. During registration, the Buyer must provide the following data:

Your e-mail
First name, Last Name
Contact phone number
Address: Region, city ( village, village)

4.2.3. The online store is obliged to:
Confirm the Buyer's registration by sending a letter to the specified e-mail address, provided that the mandatory fields for registration are filled in correctly. Electronic notification is necessary so that both the Buyer and the online store are sure of the correctness of the entered data and to exclude errors during the Order  

4.2.4   Compliance of the Online Store:
The Online Store is not responsible for the Buyer's mistakes and the consequences of incorrect information, indicated by the Buyer during registration.
The online store is not responsible for parcels not received by the Buyer at the transport company ("Nova Poshta") (after the expiry of the storage period). 
The online store cannot change the price of the product , after placing the Order by the Buyer. other data.
In case of refusal of the order, after its transfer by the online store to the transport company ("Nova Poshta"), the cost of delivery to both sides is paid by the Buyer.
4.2.6 The online store has the right to inform the Buyer about its promotions via e-mail, sms, push and other messenger services, new goods and services based on the Buyer's registration data. 
If the Buyer does not wish to receive such information, he can always unsubscribe from such messages on the website of the online store. 
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5. Shipping and payment

5.1 Delivery
  Delivery of the Order is carried out in the controlled territories of Ukraine.
5.1.1 Transfer of the online store order to the transport the company indicated by the Buyer, is carried out within 3 days after the confirmation of the order by the Buyer.

5.1.2 Delivery of products to the customer is carried out through the transport company "Nova Poshta" on the terms and at the address specified by the Buyer in the order. The preliminary cost of delivery of the Order is notified to the Customer when the Order is placed. Payment for the services of the transport company is made by the Customer.
5.1.3 When receiving the order, carefully check and carefully open the package. If you have any complaints about its integrity or the condition of the products, draw up an act with a representative of the "Nova poshta" company. payment systems chosen by the Buyer in the form of an Order in the Online Store. The buyer is responsible for correctly filling in his payment data. It is also possible to receive the Order after payment, through the service of the transport company "Nova Poshta".


The above conditions are a public contract of sale between sole trader Arushanov A. and the Buyer.



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