"Velvet NoSeason" 2023

"Velvet NoSeason" 2023

The TG team prepared a report on our motorcycle event, which  took place on September 23, 2023.

Hello, our native two-wheelers!

The TG team and everyone involved in the organization of the escalator, which spontaneously took place on September 23, are grateful to those who attended the meeting and those who help with donations from a distance.

So, we had two important items in the program: to gather ourselves and collect a little money for the needs of our friends at #ZSU and #NSU. With God's help, we managed to cope with both "tasks".

About 300 people from different cities and villages of the country gathered. There was even a guest from Australia traveling in Ukraine. True, not on a motorcycle, but nevertheless. To come from another continent to a country where there is a war in order to see everything with your own eyes - here, in addition to resilience, you need to have courage and an inner core.

The main thing is that our #two-wheeled defenders were able to attend. And there were a lot of them. The joy of seeing each other, remembering past times, feeling support now, sharing plans for the future and making new connections - this is probably the most important component of a living escalator, and not on a website on the Internet. At the same time, there was another short but meaningful first aid training from combat medic, TG team member and NSU fighter Oleksandr Korniychuk, and our "good" two-wheeled friend, fire and tactical training instructor, told about the first rules of handling weapons .

And all this took place in such a picturesque place, and in such good weather. Yes, despite the hard times. Or more precisely - because of the fact that times are difficult, everything took place in the format of stairs. We will celebrate after the victory.

In the program we also had a performance by a bard from Bila Tserkva, but he could not come. Instead of him, God sent us Ernest, another two-wheeled friend of ours from Kherson, who brought a saxophone with him. It turned out very beautifully and on time. We managed without a concert, but there was good music.

And instead of a loud scene, the culmination of the stairs was the film "Dovbush", which the director of the film and an old friend of the TG female Oles brought to show his two-wheeled friends Sanin. The film also featured our president (not of the country, of the "Tarasova Gora" motorcycle festival) Ashot Arushanov in the role of the innkeeper Vardan, and he was also present at the interview before the screening. According to the reviews of those who watched it, this is the best movie of our time. Although with the history of the 18th century, but with the same aspirations as now - to drive the enemy out of their country and to live and love on their land. Let it happen as soon as possible, with the smallest of our sacrifices. Meanwhile, as it was said in the film, the struggle continues. And for this struggle during our event, only 192,815 hryvnias were collected and earned. This is along with 'incoming' donations, auction, and sales earnings. (10,000 flew in after a two-wheeled friend from Cherkasy, whom he was unable to come to)

bms23bms23 blog 4 There was no mandatory registration at the meeting, everything was left to everyone's conscience. The donation was the purchase of a chevron as a souvenir to choose from - a regular one for 400 hryvnias or a leather one for 600 hryvnias. Thank you to everyone who bought a chevron and thereby contributed to the common cause. A total of chevrons were sold for the amount of 74,050 hryvnias. The chevrons themselves are donated by TG female. Each guest also received a commemorative sticker and a lottery ticket. By the way, thanks to Babylon Sneakers for providing 2 pairs of trainers for the raffle. Well, congratulations to the lucky ones who got them and many other prizes from @tarasovagoramotofest and Ipone Ukraine. We also thank DeWalt Ukraine for partner support. We thank Mykola Dykun, Serhii Ovcharenko, and Hayda Rizaeva for their important contributions. We also express our gratitude to the administration of the sports base "Pereyaslav" for providing the opportunity to gather, and to the motorcycle club Skulls MC Ukraine (Pereyaslav) for assisting in the event. By the way, the guys at the event handed over a motorcycle to the OBF and further "tuning" for the needs of the #ZSU.

So, the help of our friends with motorized stairs was aimed at:

  • To the United Biker Front (repair of a bus, purchase of spare parts for motorcycles, fuel for transportation) - 91,650 hryvnias
  • On rubber for honey. Sashko Korniychuk's car - 32,000, thanks for the work, dear!
  • For the needs of Vadym Konon's unit (rubber and staples for dugouts) - 20,000. We are in constant contact with him and always help as much as we can.
  • Collection for the car of one of the divisions of the State Government (Inna Marchenko in charge, thank you for your care) - 20,000
  • For discounts in the unit "Egged mallards" - 20,000 Thanks to the guys who were present and showed a little bit of their flying skills. Now let us fly a little on the "worms".
  • 8,565 hryvnias and new donations from you, together with part of the money from your next purchases in #TGShop, will go to repair, and possibly purchase, evacuation car to the Zaporozhye direction.


Thank you to MFC KDR and Dmytro Kugenko for the initiative to hold such an event and the donation from myself in the amount of 24,215 hryvnias and leather chevrons, respectively.

Thank you to the group "Motsiklyors" for the material and moral support of our events, in particular to Roman Ponomariov, for the provided products for pilaf . Thanks to Boris and David, it was very tasty (and also brought 31,200 hryvnias to the collection fund)

Thank you to Andriy Ivashchenko for replacing Oleksandr Pikalov as a host so quickly. (He serves at NSU, was summoned)

Thank you to Bohdan Hnedovskyi who helped the host conduct the auction, they sold together for 37,950 UAH. And a big thank you to all the "Plidurks" from the city of Izyum for coming to us to support the OBF.

We thank the founder of OBF Oleksandr Stognienko and Pavlo Chernenko for their constant work to support soldiers with motorcycles and other necessary. And we do it all together as United Biker Front, and we need to continue to work together for victory.

If not in the Armed Forces, then for the Armed Forces! Thank you, we will donate, we help in every way and pray for the defense forces of Ukraine.

Photo reports by Yurii Bondarenko and Vitaly Livadny about this event, you can watch it here -


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