Friends! We invite you to the "Ukrainian Moto Conference" UMKo-24!

Friends! We invite you to the "Ukrainian Moto Conference" UMKo-24!


Congratulations to two-wheelers and beyond!

In the winter of 2022, we were still gathering near Cherkasy at UMKo. Last year, the "Ukrainian Moto Conference" was not held, as well as "Tarasova Gora".
Now many of us have a desire to see each other and discuss our affairs, so this year we decided not to cancel the winter moto-steps. Therefore, who, in addition to the desire, will also have the opportunity to come - welcome to Puscha Vodytsia on February 10 for the UMKo-2024. But this time we will gather not in the same place as before, but a little further, on the 13th line, in the "Pushka Vodytsia" children's camp.

Those wishing to order hotel and food

write in telegram to the number +380 (50) 837 02 66.

Also nearby hotels:

+380506538535 Mayak, 11th line. +0974327003 Sokil, 10th line< /p>

And yes, it is not necessary to be on motorcycles, come on whatever you can. )

  As in Pereyaslav in autumn, for an "entrance donation" of 400 hryvnias you get a regular patch, and for 600 hryvnias - a leather one.
If you wish, you can already become a donor of the "Tarasova Gora" charity fund (according to the details) or make a donation to Pavel Chernenko's card.


It is difficult to plan something in such times, so we are only now presenting the program (and an approximate one) that we have outlined .


10.02 from 10:00 in the morning we start gathering. Free program, communication.

12:00 Auction. Funds for donation.

13.00 Master class by Sashko Korniychuk (call sign "Biker", paramedic 27 of the NSU brigade) from first aid in emergency situations.

14:00 - 17:00 Conference, communication. Of course, this time it will not be so much about motorcycle trips (although we will mention "Zaliznodupikh", but about how two years have passed and what useful things we can do next to win.

  • • Ashot Arushanov - about the work of the charitable foundation "Tarasova Gora" and other issues.
    • Pavlo Chernenko - about the #motnafront project, on which we collect money ( motorcycle equipment for the army)
  • • Myshko Adamchak about the work of MDB "Hospitaliera" and the "Motokraina" project.
    • Denys Zdorovy - about insurance under martial law.


15:00 Online communication with the East.
• Vadim Konon (actor, film director "Motosertse", military) about the film and service in the Armed Forces. Screening of the film (12 min)
• Conversation with the director of the film "Dovbush" Oles Sanin (also a two-wheeler, if someone didn't know) and actors (Dmytro Vyvcharyuk, Ashot Arushanov, maybe others will come too) 
< /p>

17:00 Screening of the feature film "Dovbush". Before the film, communication with the director Oles Sanin (also a two-wheeler, if someone did not know) and the actors (Dmytro Vyvcharyuk, Ashot Arushanov, maybe others will come too)

19:00 Auction, second part

20:00 Performance on the guitar by the author-performer Oleksandr Klets, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

22:00 Start of departure of guests who are not staying overnight. Free program.

The event will host the Karrom Championship (according to the Olympic system) with a separate donation for participation and a prize for victory.

From 10 am to 22:00 there will be a TG shop where you can buy clothes and souvenirs with TG paraphernalia, for yourself or for friends. In this way, you will help us help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
There will also be other souvenirs, watches, etc.

If anyone would like to speak/communicate/offer something, write to us and join.

#togetherwewillwin #everythingwillbeUkraine #everythingwillbeTaraska #UMKo #UMKo2024 #wewillwinatthefestival


    Event address:
Ukraine, Cherkassy, Svidovok, ul. Zhirny 48,

    GPS location:
49.534203628476966, 31.906958565935614

   Email :

   Email TG SHOP :

+380 (67) 553-40-53